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In this article I am going to review a tool which helps in designing logos of company, products etc.

There are so many online logo makers, out of them I just found DesignEvo quite useful as I do not know how to design using Adobe Photoshop, Sketch or any of such kind of tools. So I feel this will be helpful for all my readers who needs logo but do not know how to design logos using any Image editing tools. So lets review features of DesignEvo.


Features of DesignEvo

This tools comes with loads of features but features which really makes it different from other tools are as follows –

  • DesignEvo is a multi platform tool which can be used from Web browsers, Mac and Windows Desktops/Laptops, Android and iOS devices.
  • Multilingual support but with very limited languages
  • Generates Low and High resolution image files in JPEG and PNG format.
  • Supports transparent PNG images
  • Generates vector and pdf files for the logos as well
  • Provides downloadable font files along with the logos
  • Lifetime support

How DesignEvo works

Creating logo using DesignEvo is simple but PearlMountain Limited needs to make it more intuitive to use in future. So lets check the steps to create a logo –

  1. First of all you need to select the category for you company or product and this tool shows you hundreds of design templates as per the category, once you select your template it loads the selected template and give several editing options.
  2. Editing options are changing layout, adding background grid, customize height and width, resolution customization, adding and editing texts, search and add additional icons, etc.
  3. After editing is done DesignEvo has preview option which is very unique. The reason of its uniqueness is it gives visibility of the logo for visiting cards, T-Shirts, Letter Head, Cover page etc.
  4. And once you are happy with your logo just save it and download it anytime.
  5. If you are very particular about your logo, it gives you an option to design it from scratch.

This entire process is more or less similar to other tools but the editing options, preview option and vector, pdf, fonts support is making it attractive tool to try. Still if you feel you need assistance checkout their tutorial 

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Now comes the pricing,  so DesignEvo doesn’t cost you to try but for most of it advanced features including lifetime support comes with one time cost, and which I feel is reasonable.

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