Google Analytics segmentation tutorial

Segmentation is a digital analysis technique of online business data. With the help of segmentation businesses able to understand Customers usage pattern, most active users from specific age group and so on.  In this article we will come know how Google Analytics segmentation works.

Segments in Google Analytics


As you all can see in the above image, the pointed areas are segments and for new segments you just need to click on the “+ Add Segment”. Currently Google analytics gives you option to add maximum of 4 segments at a time.

Adding new segment


To add another segment after clicking on “+ Add Segment’, Google analytics opens up a panel of pre-generated segments like Direct Traffic, Mobile Traffic, Paid Traffic, Returning Users etc. Just select the one you want and press on Apply button and your segment is ready to start analysis. If your desired segment is not available in this list, you can create your own segment by clicking on “+ New Segment” red coloured button.

Creating new segment


Once you click “+ Create Segment” a new panel opens similar to the above one in picture. Now enter the name you want to be of this newly created segment in top left. As you see in left side all the filters are categorised you have to select your respective filters and enter your ranges, values once your are done press on blue coloured save button. And now that newly created segment is part of your pre-generated segments list.

I am sure this tutorial to use segmentation will be useful to all who are using or planning to use Google analytics.

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