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Native Apps

Having a Native app or a mobile website still is a question to many for their businesses and definitely a must question by every entrepreneur. Recently I have found this question several places from google, quora, linkedin .

Let me put out certain reasons to have a native app over mobile website to increase your business.

Hardware access limitation

This is the major limitation by mobile websites, that these websites can’t access the hardware of smartphones directly like sensors, or playing with images after capturing it from Camera, that where native apps are winners.

Native app can easily access the device in-built sensors, read the raw data and manipulate to show graphs, perform notification on movement of device, detect light, sound etc. and which increase your possibility to come up with new ideas.

Communication channel restriction

Now communication is very vital in today’s era, Whatsapp is the best example of success due to ease and freedom of communication for billions of users. Whereas mobile websites lacking this bit too as one cannot access bluetooth, BLE, Wi-Fi or any other communication medium to interact with any other devices to exchange and data and manipulation over it but unlikely native app can do that irrespective of the O.S. which gives you an upper edge to think and build an app based on IOT theme or an app to share data between healthcare devices, industrial devices and options are unlimited.

Offline Support


Offline is something which can not afford to not have as in most of the emerging countries, internet is an issue. And if your users are from these countries, your mobile website certainly will not work where as a native app with offline support will give you a big boost in your business as they can access your app even if they do not have internet access too. There are several example of it like whatsapp itself is very popular in Asian countries, HelloEnglish is another example which an Indian app is very popular due to its offline feature.

Poor performance

Poor performance is very common among the mobile websites if these are heavy data driven. Whereas native app can handle even huge volumes of data with an ease and smoothness which gives user a feel good factor to use the native app over mobile websites. Even the hybrid apps also fails most of the cases when it comes to performance.


After all this still I prefer mobile website if you only want a mobile presence.

Though there are several other comparisons for this but I think these four comparisons are enough to take the proper decision on it.

Happy coding!!!

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