Android Studio Theme Editor

Hello Android developers, all the time we use to juggle between different components and views in Android studio. But today I am going to explain about one of the unfold editor and that is ¬†“Android studio Theme Editor”.

Theme editor is very handy if you want to create theme for your own Android apps.

What is a Theme ?

Now few of you may have this exact question, so let me clear it to you. Theme is a set of generic properties which we can create and get used in all around the apps like, standard text size, background colour in all the screens, primary colour, secondary colour etc. We can create even multiple themes for a single app and there is no such restriction for it.

If we create a new app we will get generated default theme within “/values” directory inside “res” as “style.xml”.

How to open Android Studio Theme Editor ?

So now you are ready to explore theme editor for your app’s theme.


You can find the Theme editor by clicking “Tools” menu and then select “Android” sub menu and after that click on the “Theme Editor” option. Once the editor is opened you can create a new theme or modify an existing theme easily without knowing each and every property name, let see how.


How to create a new theme ?

In Android studio creating a theme using theme editor is very simple, just open the editor and then you can see an option to choose themes at the right side top. Just click it and you will find an option to create a new theme.

Android studio theme editor

Create new theme

Once you create a new theme, half of the work is done and next is just you have to select the colour for different components of Android like accent colour, navigation bar colour, status bar colour etc. and you are done with you theme creation.


What next ?

One you are ready with your themes, you just need to set the theme in different places like, androidmanifest.xml, layout resources.


I hope this article will be helpful to create or modify themes for your Android apps, so do not forget to share it with your friends and colleagues.

Happy coding!!!

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