Top education apps

Now a days there are several apps available to educate us for almost everything. Today I am going to discuss about top education apps which I really like and recommend to everyone. Education apps

  • Khan Academy

    Khan Academy is the best education app which allows you and your kid to learn almost anything for free. It does not matter who you are whether a student or a teacher. It provides you thousands of videos of high quality for almost all kind of subjects like, Science, Literature, Finance, Personal Finance, History, Civic, etc. and it has its website too. Another amazing part of this is even if you unable to understand the topic from Video, every video comes with its English transcript too, you can pause the video and read it, understand it and then hit the play button.

  • TED

    TED is one such app you would like to introduce it to your kids, spouse, relatives and friends, why I am saying so ? is only because this platform is all about learning from successful people around the world. Here people talk about their experience about life, success, failures and many more. This is one such platform to learn from others mistakes and experience. I hope you do like to spend more time with TED than Whatsapp or Facebook.

  • Quora

    Quora is a platform to ask and reply questions, writing blogs. There are thousands of people always available to answer your question if you have one, you or your kid can ask question about anything like Science, Math, History, Geography, Internet, Programming, Public Figure,Politics, Finance and then the question starts getting its answer from different people who is using Quora around the world. But if you are a contributor here , there something for you too. Contributors getting badges based on their contribution, people starts following, different opportunities also starts coming in.

  • Wikipedia

    I guess I do not have to tell all of you about Wikipedia. It is an online encyclopedia which has more than 39 million articles in nearly 300 languages. You can find articles for almost all kind of subjects but it is not limited to subjects, you can even find details about public figures, articles related to what is near by you based on your current location, current events and trending articles too. This is an ultimate guide for you as well as your kid too.

  • wikiHow: how to do anything

    Wikihow is another such education app you would like to keep on your smartphone. It has over 180,000 wikiHow articles, with the help of this you can learn about first aid, cooking,technology, fitness, relationship and many more. It is all about steps to do anything.

Hopefully these apps will change your learning experience and help you to learn a lot.


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