Android app development tools

Hi Devs, in this post I am going to jot down list of Android tools needed for faster Android app development. You guys can live without these Android app development tools but with the use of these tools you all can develop your apps faster, improve and able to personalise your apps as per user’s need and many more other benefits will come in front of you after start of using.

Android app development tools

For every app development we have to go through several other steps other than coding which consumes most of our time so let’s figure out tools as per the different stages of product development.

Wireframe tools

Once the app concept is clear we used to do wire framing, there are several tools available to finish this task in very short time interval because most of them are coming with ready-made components for different platforms, few of them are –


    is a dedicated mobile prototyping to build and deploy fully interactive mobile app, you can test your prototype on real mobile devices.

  • Moqups

    is a free HTML5 app to create wireframes, mockups or UI concepts with a lovingly crafted, unpretentious interface. It is easy to use and has pre-built stencils so you can get started straight away, including radio buttons, links, image placeholders, text boxes, sliders and many more.

There are several other tools also available for the same purpose.

Data flow design tools

Once the wireframe is ready, next we go for designing data flow diagrams such as ERD, DFD, Sequence diagram etc. Right now for this there are several matured tools available few of them are –


    is the really simple to use and interactive tool to design data flow diagram. And this allow you to save the designs into google drive, dropbox, onedrive in different formats like pdf, html,  xml, svg, image.

  • Lucid Chart

    is another horse in the league, comes with different pricing models.

Apart from these there are several other tools available i.e, Gliffy, Creately etc.

Graphics assets design tools

After completion of the first two steps next thing is we look for images,icons,fonts etc. For this work Android community has already provided some really good tools so that we do not have to completely rely on UI designers. Lets have a look –


    After introduction of material design, Google launched a website called which really one of the best Android app development tools for all Android app developers as it comes with entire Android app design guidelines, repository of android supported custom fonts, several set of icons for different resolutions like hdpi, mdpi, xhdpi and so on. It has many more other stuffs for developers to mingle with.

  • is really an amazing tool to get an icon for your need. It provides icons for several other platforms than only Android like iOS, Windows. You can choose the icon and then fill the icon with your choice of color and download it without any registration or login. For more professional services paid service is also available with it.

  • Android App Patterns

    this site is very simple but helpful in the process of designing cool UI as it gives you an outlook of some of the amazing apps ui for inspiration, there is another site in this segment called inspired-ui .

Android tools during app development phase

Now you are all set to start coding and designing layouts and guess what there are tools for this phase of development other than tools comes with Android sdk, from converting pixel to dp, generating parcelable class code, crash reporting, analytics etc.

  • Pixel to Dp convertor

    it converts pixels to dp for different resolutions

  • Code for Json Serialization

    I have written a json serialization code generator so that you do not have to write code for this everytime even without the use of GSON or JACKSON.

  • Google Analytics

    Google analytics is really helpful to give you the insight of your users interests and many more factors to improve your app and make it more personalise to the users.

There are some other Android app development tools also available which I already covered, those are –


I hope this list will be helpful during your app development process.

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Happy coding!!!

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