Android developers most common mistakes

Hi Devs,  now a days Android developers community has increased immensely due to the ease of development and huge number of online resources to learn. But still Android developers do several common mistakes during their app development cycle.I have already written about optimization of app but today I am going to discuss about those common mistakes and how we can avoid them.

  • Blocking main thread

    Most of the time Android developers do the resource consuming operations in Main thread like  image loading, Sqlite db query to read thousands of records. Its will impact the apps responsiveness which leads to poor user experience i.e, poor animations effect, slow response on click of a button etc. To avoid such scenarios we better think of using either of AsyncTasks, Threads, Runnables classes.

  • Developing for only on resolution or one screen size

    Today Android devices are in several form factors so your app also need to support most of them to reach maximum number of users. To support most of it there is no shortcut, you have to design your layouts to fit for different available resolutions and screen sizes as well. If you don’t after certain period your app is going to be dead.

  • Use of several third-party libraries by Android developers

    Due to emerging libraries developers became more lazy to write code instead they prefer to use libraries for every small feature even if they will not use rest of the apis of that library, which cross 65k methods limit often and they have to use multidex option. Now why to avoid libraries unless your really need is  because still  most of the world doesn’t afford to waste their data just to download your such a heavy app.Not only that after installing the app it will occupy very good amount of memory  which again leads your user to uninstall it to grab more space. So all in all using several libraries in your app is a red flag.

  • Not developing apps to support older android OS versions

    Today the latest Android version available in market is Marshmallow, so if you are planning to develop your app to support Marshmallow and above version then for your kind information this version only contains little above 10% share of overall Android devices. So to cater to more users you need to support your app to run on older versions

  • Poor handling of bitmaps

    Most of the UI reach android apps uses bitmaps to render images to views but most of the Android developers forget to use recycle() method to recycle the bitmap after use which leads to OutOfMemoryError . For more details follow this link .

  • Use of deep hierarchy of views in layouts

    Most of the time to design a complex layout Android developers ended up several layers of views hierarchy which affect the rendering speed of the screen and results poor response from the app. So its better to restrict to max of 3-4 layers of views for better result.

  • Missed to integrate Analytics

    After implementation Android developers always missed to integrate analytics to their apps from the beginning, due that they don’t have the visibility of performance, user engagement,geography of use etc.

I hope this will help you all to develop better android apps.


Happy coding!!!

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