magical search results of google

Today I found some amazing search results from Google , that I am going to share with all of you.

My home to my office

Google search result

Google search result

If you would like to know the traffic in between your home and your office or if you are new to a city and finding it difficult to locate your office, google is there for you. You just need to type “my home to my office” and if you have not added your home’s location and office location’s it will ask to enter those location. After that Google will show you the route of your office from your home with traffic conditions, distance, directions etc and this even tell you whether your office is open or closed, easy and useful isn’t it ?

But if you fill that you do not want to use this service anymore don’t worry still you can delete all of your location data. You just need to click on the “Disclaimer” link below the “Direction” link and there you will get options like – changing addresses of your home or office, deleting address details.


my phone location

Google search result

Google search result

This service is really cool. This will give you peace of mind even if your phone is not with you, see how-

  • Not able to find your phone even it is in your home, now not an issue just search for “my phone location” and google will ask you to login with your credentials if not logged in and then it will show your phone’s name, location, and click on the map and it will redirect to device manager page from there just press the “ring” and your phone will start ringing for 5 minutes and bingo you will get your phone 🙂 .
  • If you forget your phone to office or at your friend’s home, don’t worry just search for “my phone location” and again you will get your phone’s basic information again go to the “device manager screen” and press “lock” and choose your new password and done, now your phone is locked.
  • There is another scenario happen that is if your phone get pickpocket/lost 🙁 .In that case still you can locate your device if there is internet in your device but what about the security of existing data inside the phone ? you better not worry for this too as this service will provide one more option too erase your phone’s data so you can do that as a last option.

What is my ip / my ip

Wanted to know you ip address, just search “my ip” and boom you will get it within an eye blink.



You can convert currencies, units just by searching in google. For example want to convert “Rupee to dollar” just type and you will get the result .





Just type weather and you come to know about weather at you location, even it will show the temperature chart as per the time.


So its really amazing, I hope you will all liked it.

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