Generate model class as per your JSON in seconds

All of us face one very tedious task to do during our application development stage i.e., creating model classes(pojos) based on web services json response. But now several amazing online tools are available to generate these classes with optionally json parsing code on behalf of us. With the help of these tools you do not have to work on this tedious task anymore. But before explaining about these tools let me explain you one more areas of interest and that is json parsing libraries i.e., GSON, JACKSON, LoganSquare

We all try to use these libraries to reduce our serialization and deserialization effort and faster development but these libraries comes with a cost either with cost of performance or space. Now if you are using these libraries only forĀ  deserializing Json to pojo then here is the good news for all of you that you can remove these libraries and use online tools available for json parsing .

Lets go through it –


This is an amazing open source tool supporting all major programming language like java, javasricpt, c#,, php and it will also generate Sql table creation string from json.


This is another good tool, with the help of you can generate json string from any csharp class but this tool need some more improvement as this will not able to serialize if the class is complex. This we can use for serializing java classes too as java and dot net class and keywords are relatively same.

I found few other tools too but these two are the best among rest till now.

I hope this tools will help you all to get rid of serializing and deserializing task.


Happy Coding!!!

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